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High Accuracy & Quick Response is our duty.


AUTO TRUST is the very first lube analysis and diagnosis centre in Myanmar. We can monitor and diagnose in high accuracy for your automobile or any equipment by means of used oil analysis which is well operated by professionals trained for many years in Singapore.
We are offering full independent diagnosis and condition monitoring service to you.

We will give you a full technical report on the next working day after we have received your call so that you can have effectively proactive maintenance for your equipment. And our experienced professionals will contact you directly and provide technical advice if you need to do some important maintenance.

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Benefits from Auto Trust for You

1) You don't need to stop your running equipment for us. You just need to send only your equipment's performance data and lube oil actually running in your equipment or let us collect it within your desired time period.

2) You can save your precious time and money by avoiding un-necessary maintenance (e.g.: oil replacement with predefined interval).

3) You can satisfy and enjoy your unstressed life with optimum reliability on your invested equipments by knowing exactly what's happening inside your equipment and can get enough time to prepare for your proactive maintenance plan.

4) You can avoid unscheduled downtime for catastrophic failure by making sure to keep your equipment within Root Cause Zone and Incipient Failure Zone.

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1196, Myin Taw Thar Rd., 7-Ward, Thaketa, Yangon.

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Business Hours

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM