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Our Services

We are offering the following services carefully modelled for condition-based maintenance of your invested equipments.


It's hard for a machine to fail without the oil knowing first as oil is the best diagnostic medium. After all, when failures begin and progress over time, there is usually microscopic excavation of machine surfaces producing wear debris. Where does this debris go? It goes into the oil, of course. The oil is like a confessional for the machine. It gets all the bad news quick. For those trying to prevent unscheduled downtime by catching problems early, this is very good news for you.

Used Oil Analysis Program includes: -

  • Viscosity at 40oC & 100oC
  • TBN, TAN, Oxidation and Nitration
  • Contamination: Water, Glycol and Soot Insoluble
  • Wear Metals and Additive Elements
  • Particle Count Analysis ISO 4406 & NAS 1638 Cleanliness Code
  • Diagnostic comment and Recommendation for Proactive Maintenance

Methodology: per ASTM D7417

Repeatability: per ASTM D7417



Early detection requires frequent detection. It doesn't matter how good your technology is; its effectiveness is limited if used infrequently. If your frequency of inspection is larger than P-F interval (Interval between Potential Failure Detection and Functional Failure), your monitoring program will be useless and just waste of money. Our experienced professionals will calculate carefully P-F interval of your equipment and make sure to monitor your equipment's condition continuously with correct frequency.

Our condition monitoring program is actually a proper combination of three condition monitoring techniques. It is carefully modeled to support your proactive maintenance. Condition Monitoring Program includes: -

  • Used Oil Analysis
  • Thermoscope Analysis
  • Oscilloscope Analysis
  • Trend Analysis, Diagnostic Comment and Technical advice



Condition-Based Maintenance Program includes: -

  • Condition Monitoring Program
  • Proactive maintenance activities based on condition monitoring results.
  • Machinery Criticality Ranking



We use three condition monitoring analysis techniques to analyze and eliminate root cause of your equipment's failure, and to make sure same story will not happen again to you. We use failure as a teacher to discover what went wrong and how to prevent its recurrence. Also, learn the incipient signs of failure so that condition monitoring program (frequency and technique) can be refined accordingly.


Engine Performance Analysis includes: -

  • Condition Monitoring Tools
  • Diagnostic Comment and Technical Advice
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